Personalised Embossing Service

At Papuro we can emboss all of our products with your own personal touch

Make it your own

At Papuro we offer a personalised embossing service on all leather journals, books and pen cases. It is the perfect way to make Papuro your own or to create a unique gift. Just choose the embossing option before adding the product to your cart.


We offer three types of embossing:

  • Blind - a colourless indent is made in the leather
  • Silver - a silver foil is used to indent the leather
  • Gold - a gold foil is used to indent the leather


  • Initials (up to 4 characters) - £6.95
  • 1 line (up to 16 characters incl. spaces) - £9.95
  • G2 lines (up to 32 characters incl. spaces) - £14.95

Silver Embossing On a Milano leather address book

Blind Embossing On a Firenze leather journal

Gold Embossing On an Amalfi leather journal

Start the process

Find your product and choose Yes on the 'Would you like your item embossed?' box.

Select your embossing type

Choose from blind, gold or silver embossing.

Select your length

Choose from Initials, one line or two line embossing.

Enter your text

Enter the text exactly as you want it embossed.

bulk orders of papuro leather products with embossing are not a problem, just contact us for more info

Corporate & Bulk Orders

We hold a large stock of most of our range of journals and anything we don't have the quantity of, we can get. Maybe you want your company name, your staff members initials, leather in the colours of your business. We are happy to help, just drop us an email or give us a call on +(0)1299 826744.


We will emboss exactly what is typed into the box provided, so please ensure you use capital letters exactly as you would like them. We can emboss letters and most punctuation marks, but not symbols such as: " !>+@£/ ".

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